Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elliott and Linda Lum visit to Hawaii

Elliott and Linda Lum from San Diego  joining Bob Mumper, Jim Miyashiro and  Warren and Anita Ho at Henry Loui's Restaurant on June 4, 2014 for impromptu pupus and drinks. Great food, great beverages and great conversation. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Keeping You in the Loop

Francis Wong ('61) and Walter Fo ('62) at the April 2014 United States Tennis Association Nationals Championship in Surprise, Arizona for players 55 years and older. Francis said that his team, Cataract & Vision Center of Hawaii,  did very well even though they did not place in the top 4. However he reports that they were competitive against much younger players  and that this event was fun with lasting memories.

Just a note: As I shuffled on my Sunday morning trek in Kahala this morning 5-25-14, I ran into Walter Fo ('62). He said that 17 teams from sections all over the country made it to the National Championships. The 17 teams were broken into 4 groups. The team that Walter and Francis played on were in the group of 5 and they made it through two rounds. lf they made it through the 3d round, they would have played in the semi-finals. Walter also said that for the first time, guys aged 55 to 59 were eligible to play in this competitions. Considering the fact that Francis's and Walter's team had two 80 years olds and at least one 70 year old playing makes this accomplishment all the more impressive.

Francis Wong attended the May 21, 2014 Iolani Pau Hana at the Sullivan Center. Also pictured (left  to right)  are Walter Muraoka ('62), Sherri Tapper ('90) of Iolani Alumni Relations and and Pat Tom ('62).

Francis Wong …April 14, 2014

On Emmett's birthday..I attended from about 4 to 6 pm even though the event went from 4 to 10 pm. It was a blast with an excellent dinner provided!!

Emmett had at least one table of actors and supporting cast from Showboat for which Emmett is Musical Director. Judy, of course, and their youngest daughter (from New York) were there.

When I was there, classmates included Milton Oshiro and wife, Mark Hayashi and wife, Tom Wong and Rodney Chun. No doubt other classmates came after I left.

Andre Dulce….May 19 , 2014

My wife, Allison, and I met with Elliott & Linda Lum who lives in Carlsbad, CA. We were in California and we met them at Hapa’s Hawaiian Restaurant in San Clemente. Had a nice lunch with them in March. Just emailed me and said that his home was not affected by the fire in Southern California – cool! 

We also met with Dave & Corrine Dumas, who lives in Tillamook, Oregon which is about 82 miles from Portland.  We have another home in downtown Portland and met with them for dinner this past weekend. They are enjoying their beautiful custom home on the Trask River – Tillamook and their quiet lifestyle. Both of them are looking forward to being at the 55th Class Reunion in 2016!! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Emmett's 70th Birthday

Emmett's 70th birthday party held at his Aina Haina home on March 31,  2014 turned out to be  mini- reunion for the Class of '61. Great food...great conversation....great time!  Not shown in the pictures are Francis Wong , Milton and Maddie Oshiro, Tom Wong and Rodney Chun who had to leave early.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Greater Alumni News

The Iolani Alumni Association welcomed all alumni back to campus for the Spring Pau Hana in the recently opened Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. After an inspiring welcome from Head of School Timothy R. Cottrell, PH.D,  alumni were provided the opportunity to  tour the new Sullivan Center, learn what's new at Iolani and reconnect and network with fellow alumni. Complimentary beverages and pupus were the highlight of the event. 

Pictured above are Rag Scanlon '59, Francis Wong, Thomas Wong, Mike Young '64 (Iolani Alumni Association 60's Decade Director), Bob Mumper and Warren Ho.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keeping You In the Loop

1-16-2014 via Mo Lai
Honored for donating more than 100 pints of blood, Howard Lee and Mo Lai got to pose with Crystal Lee, Miss Hawaii, and a young boy, who was a recipient of blood donations.
 1-31-14 via Emmett Yoshioka
In the current Diamond Head Theatre’s production of “Stepping Out”, My wife, Judy plays an opinionated curmudgeon of a piano player who accompanies a group of people wanting to learn tap dancing in England. She steals the show with her prowess on the piano and as an actress. The play needed a jazzy finale, so I volunteered to compose one for the show. So I composed an original piece with my lyricist from Los Angeles and got program credit as well. The piece is called “Steppin’ Out”.

9/12/2013 via Milt OshiroJust got back from a short trip to Portland and San Francisco. Took a ride down to Half Moon Bay and visited Allen Nako's gift shop there called the Quail Run. He was not in the shop but Maddie and I got to talk to his sweet wife Susan who was at the shop. I did talk to him on the phone and had a nice chat with him.
2-24-14 via Milt Oshiro
Maddie and I went on Norwegian Cruise Lines inter-island cruise on it's "Pride of America" ship during the week of Feb. 1st  --  8th.  On Kauai we had a wonderful two hour breakfast with Creighton Fujii, our classmate whom I had not seen since graduation 1961.  That was 53 and 1/2 years ago.  We had a great time catching up on news about each other.  Creighton was so hospitable and generous.  I encouraged him to keep in touch with us.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting The Word Out! Via Dr. Morris Lai

Here is a link to the web video on the College of Ed CRDG produced book Reflections of Honor: The Untold Story of a Nisei Spy:

Please post wherever possible and share with as many people as possible via email and social media as soon as possible. The book has just been released.
The story is also posted on the UH System homepage
Thank you to Helen Au of CRDG for bringing the book to our attention after I spoke at last week Thursdayʻs UH Mānoa communicators meeting. The production of this video would not have been possible without her drive, guidance and timely responses.

Also, please take the time to view the video. It was a very unique project. The Media Production office has produced 147 videos since video operations started 18 months ago and this is probably our proudest achievement.
Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Daniel Meisenzahl
Director of Media Production
External Affairs and University Relations
University of Hawaii System
2444 Dole Street, Bachman Annex 2
Honolulu, HI  96822
Phone:  (808) 956-5941
Cell: (808) 348-4936
Fax:  (808) 956-3441
“It’s the story about how one man, could do so much, despite the very trying circumstances,” said Morris Lai, principal investigator for the book, published by the Curriculum Research and Development Group of the UH Mānoa College of Education. Reflections of Honor is based on Komori’s hand written journal, an oral history interview and declassified army documents.

Arthur Komori, a Nisei from Hawai‘i, was one of two Japanese Americans recruited to the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) to pose as Japanese sympathizers and spy on Japan’s activities in Manila in the months leading up to World War II. When the war started, this Nisei served his country as a translator and undercover agent both on the front lines and behind the scenes in General MacArthur’s headquarters, even while at home over 120,000 Japanese Americans were interned in relocation camps.

More than just a spy, Komori’s varied responsibilities also included interrogating prisoners of war and helping to train new linguist recruits and prepare them for work in the Pacific. Komori was also with MacArthur when he retook the Philippines and was in Tokyo Bay to witness the surrender of the Japanese to the Allied Powers. Fortunately, Komori recorded his story in journals, reports, and even poetry. This long overdue account of a decorated Military Intelligence Hall of Fame inductee reveals an important chapter in the history of Japanese Americans during World War II.