Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mumper here!

Oh well, the Bows are done for this year. But a great day at the Les Murakami Stadium until the 7th inning. I sat  in the upper level across the aisle from Hugh Yoshida,  Iolani alumnus  and former UH Athletic Director. As always, he looked good and fit. 

I introduced myself and we chatted for a few moments. I guess that he doesn't get any special treatment as a former AD...he buys his tickets just like everybody else. The entire lower level was sold out so he was sitting  with us regular fans. However, I don't believe that there's a bad seat in that stadium. Personally, I'd rather sit high and off to the side than up close behind the netting.

It's getting to be a real chore getting in my daily jogging/shuffling...20 minute per mile pace. I get passed a lot by walkers. But,  I've found that I get a better buzz doing quick short shuffle steps instead of a longer walking step. Plus it's easier on the bad knee, the sore hips  and sore arches.

My  doctor says to get in 10,000 steps a day combining walking the dog, picking up litter and the 20 minute per mile shuffle. Got to keep the blood sugar down along with the cholesterol and weight (easier said than done). Don't want to get that  heart attack thing either.

I spent a lifetime jogging and still  have to worry about these ailments just like every other 60 plus person. Weight control and exercise...a forever thing.

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