Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Days

Ed Futa was in town, so about a dozen of us had dinner with him at Happy Days in Kaimuki.  Mo ordered the food and Milt paid for the meal.  Everyone there contributed what we would have spent on the meal to the class treasury.  I don't know who brought the A to Z Pinot Noir, but Fujikami brought two bottles of Au Bon Climat Pinot and Warren brought a bottle of Chivas.  All the wine was gone by the end of the night.

After Ed gave a little talk about some of his experiences as the General Secretary of Rotary International, Teruya suggested that we go around the room and have everyone tell Ed what we were doing.  Here are my recollections of what everyone said.  If I have a faulty recollection (which is the norm these days), please email me at with corrections so that I can amend this post.  Better yet, expand on what you said that night and I'll post it.

Mo: Still at UH.
Donald Watanabe: Retired from the Fire Dept... doing nothing
Jimmy Miyashiro: Retired from the VA...taking care of grandchildren
Fujikami: Still working at the florist
Campbell: Working at a telephone company...didn't catch which one
Me: Retired from the U.S. Attorney's Office...ballroom dancing...maintaining a couple of websites...found out that some are really reading this blog
Arruda: Sold his bank to Finance Factors...collects rent from all his real estate
Tommy Wong (formerly Chun): Retired from Hawaii State Bar Association...still doing something I don't recall.
Tsuda: Still working with insects at the UH
Dexter: With DOE at Farrington Complex...Can't remember exactly what he does
Takaki: Retired from IBM, worked for Bank of Hawaii in IT for a while, then went back for doctorate at UH... not sure in what order
Milt: sold his practice five years ago... working as an employee for the two dentists he sold his practice to
Teruya: President of his Rotary Club for the past three years
Warren: Still has Lani Properties...his daughter helps run the business, his sons and wife also work in the President (?) of Home Builders Association and goes to DC alot on their business

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Elliott Lum said...

Great article. Wish I could have been there. Enjoyed learning what everyone's up to. I think I passed the test of matching the names and faces.