Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keeping You In the Loop

1-16-2014 via Mo Lai
Honored for donating more than 100 pints of blood, Howard Lee and Mo Lai got to pose with Crystal Lee, Miss Hawaii, and a young boy, who was a recipient of blood donations.
 1-31-14 via Emmett Yoshioka
In the current Diamond Head Theatre’s production of “Stepping Out”, My wife, Judy plays an opinionated curmudgeon of a piano player who accompanies a group of people wanting to learn tap dancing in England. She steals the show with her prowess on the piano and as an actress. The play needed a jazzy finale, so I volunteered to compose one for the show. So I composed an original piece with my lyricist from Los Angeles and got program credit as well. The piece is called “Steppin’ Out”.

9/12/2013 via Milt OshiroJust got back from a short trip to Portland and San Francisco. Took a ride down to Half Moon Bay and visited Allen Nako's gift shop there called the Quail Run. He was not in the shop but Maddie and I got to talk to his sweet wife Susan who was at the shop. I did talk to him on the phone and had a nice chat with him.
2-24-14 via Milt Oshiro
Maddie and I went on Norwegian Cruise Lines inter-island cruise on it's "Pride of America" ship during the week of Feb. 1st  --  8th.  On Kauai we had a wonderful two hour breakfast with Creighton Fujii, our classmate whom I had not seen since graduation 1961.  That was 53 and 1/2 years ago.  We had a great time catching up on news about each other.  Creighton was so hospitable and generous.  I encouraged him to keep in touch with us.


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