Tuesday, August 26, 2014

53rd Annual '61 Reunion

The 53rd Annual Iolani '61 Class Reunion was held on August 16, 2014 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki. Nineteen classmates many with significant others attended.

Classmates attending were Bruce Ames, Tom Campbell, Gordon K.H. Chun, Michael Chun, Rodney Chun, Mark Hayashi, Warren Ho, Craig Ichinose, Allan Kawada, Richard Kimura, Morris Lai, Ken Lee, Jim Miyashiro, Bob Mumper, Ken Nakasone, Milt Oshiro, Gary Shigemura, Dick Tsuda and Donald Watanabe.
Many thanks to Elaine Chun (wife of Rodney Chun) and Dick Tsuda for stepping up and organizing this fine event in a classy place with an all you can eat tasty buffet luncheon. The program was informal….just guys and their wives/friends “talking story” and catching up over the past year. 

It seems like classmates are becoming more and more reticent about sharing information but I did manage to get a few to share. Don Watanabe travels several times a year and hopes to make it to Half Moon Bay near San Francisco  and  visit Yellow Stone and Glacier  National Park.

Milt and Maddie Oshiro will be going on a trip to New York City  later on in the year with their daughter, son-in-law and grandson. Milt and Maddie also took on the task of planning a ’61 Class presence at  the Diamond Head Theatre’s production of “White Christmas” to be held on December 7, 2014. Emmett Yoshioka will be the musical director for this performance. 

At last word, Milt has sold out his allotment of 20 tickets being that when the announcement was made at the reunion, tickets were bought up immediately; however, if other classmates are interested in attending this production, you can make your own reservation for the 4 pm performance on December 7, 2014. Notify Milt directly if you might be interested in attending the dinner which he will plan   to take place after the performance.

Bruce Ames continues to paddle and quite possibly may  be training for the next Honolulu Marathon in December 2014. He says that he makes trips to the Big Island  periodically to check on his property and mow his lawn.

Seems like it was a good year for  everyone. Everyone seemed upbeat and looking forward to the 55th reunion presently being  planned by Andre’ Dulce who lives in  Washington.


Mumper said...

Just an added note.....I learned that several of our classmates are awake at 4:30 AM and start their exercise routines. Milt and Maddie Oshiro go on a long walk, Jim Miyashiro heads to the gym at the YMCA and Bruce Ames heads to Kapiolani Park to jog in possible preparation for the next Honolulu Marathon 2014.

I was up shortly after this even and made an attempt to get out on the road at 5 AM. This brought back bad memories of USMC training....when you consider the fact that the hardest thing about military training was not the pushups and PT, or the marching, or the harassment...it was the fact that we had to get up so damn early at 0:Dark Thirty in the morning.....way to go Jim, Milt and Maddie and Bruce...!!!

Mumper said...

corr: line 4....after this event.....