Saturday, July 25, 2009

Living With One's Shortcomings.

I was called back to inaction last week for a three class assignment with the UH Art Department. I modeled for the students in a life drawing class. My constant companion on the pedestal was a skeleton.

I'm usually a last resort stand in when nobody else is available. I was complimented for my dependability, one of the traits that I've developed as a former Iolani student. Many first time models often fail to show up.

The classes were basically uneventful. At age 65, I'm no longer concerned about my presentation. Who cares? No need for performance enhancing drugs. Just hold the pose and don't move.

It's been over five years since I walked into a class after my preparatory stretching exercises and noted that one of the art students was of non -Caucasion, non - Asian, and non-Pacific Islander ancestory. This student could have been a football or a basketball player. He was a hunk.

Anyway, my willy pulled a disappearing act. He spoke to me, "No way that I'm coming out." Not a person to argue, I popped 25 mg of V to encourage him to make an appearance. After about 30 minutes, I was able to save face (or head?) and finish the session with my self esteem restored.

I've often wondered why there is such an obsession with size. Witness the commercials on late night TV. "Even you can enhance that all important personal body part!" Don't the makers of these commercials realize that when God created woman, he put her light switch above the doorway within easy reach of anybody? God didn't put the switch clear across the room where one would need a ten foot arm to reach it. The trick is to just find it so that you can turn it on. Easier said than done.

I guess that this is good time as ever to end this blog. However, before I close, I'd like to throw in one irrelevant comment based on 32 years of elementary school experience. When it comes to paper clips, size does matter.

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