Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Different Perspective

I got my free copy of the July/August "Hawaii Sports" magazine at the Running Room in Kapahulu yesterday when I went in to purchase a new pair of Nike Pegasus running shoes.

Included were the results of the Kaneohe Marine Surf & Turf 5K Run which was held on March 28. I placed 3rd in the Male 55-98 division with a time of 41:42. I always like to run in this race because approximately a third of the run is on the beach.

Although I have only two speeds, slow and slower, the sand gives me a chance to catch up to those Marines who get stuck as they attempt to push their kids in those three wheel joggers. This year I passed all but one and managed to stay ahead of them when they got out of the sand. Assisting me was the high tide.

In the past, I always compared myself to the first place 55-98 female runner whose time this year was 33:05. The second place female finished in a time of 39:07. This year, I decided that I should just compare myself to the 3d place female runner who finished in 46:09. Just a different way of looking at results. Way to go Mumper!

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