Saturday, January 16, 2010

Greetings from the Lums

Here is the 2010 version of our Holiday Greeting. Our kids came with their boyfriends from NY, San Francisco and Miami and my mother came from Honolulu. It's probably more information than anyone wants to know about our family, but you might find the video entertaining and informative. Plus, it will give you a peek at the kind of fun we can share if you come to visit us.


DejaViewDigital has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Holiday greetings from Elliott & Linda Lum. Get a peek into the fun times we shared with family and friends.
Here is our holiday video. As usual, we had a hilarious time together. We spent a lot of time making music together. Kristin just bought a ukulele, and Allison will have access to a Fretlight guitar like I have. Tiffany also plays the guitar.
The title slide is green, because 2009 was the year that we "Went Green" to the hilt. We've had a solar pool heating system for 7 years. In January, we added a solar photovoltaic system which dramatically cut our electric bills. We also added a weather based irrigation controller which sets our sprinklers based on weather conditions. In October, we bought a new Prius. We really like the 50 mpg and the Radar Cruise Control. In December we made our finances greener by refinancing our mortgage at 4.625% with ZERO costs!
All of this investment and cost reduction sets the stage for Linda's retirement on March 1. Her last day of work will be January 29. So far, we're planning trips to the East Coast, San Francisco and Hawaii.
The other highlight was our trip to Korea from May 11 - 22, 2009. We assembled a family group of 12 -- including Elliott's mother Dora, sister and cousins -- and joined a group of 39 others to finally see the country where Dora's parents were born.
Life is good.
Elliott & Linda

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