Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unpublished Class of ’61 Notes for the Bulletin

Mike and Lorrie Chun performed as part of a Tango formation at the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association’s 50th Anniversary Ball at the Waikiki Sheraton and attended by more than 600 people. The performance is on YouTube at

Mike reported that Mike and Trudy Uechi competed at the Hawaii Star Ball in the Grand Seniors, dancing the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quick Step. In the afternoon competition they came in first place, and in evening competition (exactly the same dances and competitors) they came in fourth.

Enjoying a September 23, 2009 dinner at Happy Days Restaurant with Ed Futa, Secretary General of Rotary International, were Tom Campbell, Mike Chun, Steve Fujikami, Dexter Furuhashi, Warren Ho, Mo Lai, Ken Lee, Jim Miyashiro, Milt Oshiro, Steve Takaki, Tom Teruya, Dick Tsuda, Don Watanabe, and Tom Wong.

When former ‘Iolani teacher Reed Taylor visited in October, he and Tom Teruya visited the Bishop Museum followed later in the week with a nostalgic dinner at the Willows with Tom Campbell, Mike Chun, Warren Ho, Mo Lai, Ken and Jennifer Lee, Jim Miyashiro, Bob Mumper, Milt Oshiro, Steve Takaki, Tom Teruya, Dick Tsuda, Cliff Uejio, and Emmett and Judy Yoshioka. Mike Chun has uploaded videos taken at the event. Here are the links:





If anyone has pictures from any class function, past or present, email them to Mike at so he can post them on the Class of ’61 blog site.
Andre Dulce reported that he and his wife went to the UH-Washington State football game and had fun cheering for Hawai‘i. He ran into Steve Takaki during halftime but just had time to say “Hi” and “Bye.” He thought he saw Winnie Hoshino but wasn’t sure that it was he because the last time Andre saw Winnie was at the 30th or 40th class reunion. Andre still has the main karate school in Bellevue (Washington Shotokan Association) and 10 other locations. He was promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt in February with the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association in San Jose, CA.

When Mo Lai went to California for a Stanford reunion, he had lunch in San Jose with Sid Takenishi and Chuck Leong. Sid is still catching a bunch of fish, and Chuck is enjoying life without eyeglasses.


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