Sunday, July 4, 2010


Linda and I have just been addicted to the craze which has attracted so many of our classmates who hang out at the Palladium -- ballroom dancing. At Mike Chun's suggestion, we attended a five-day DanceVision ballroom dancing "boot camp" in Las Vegas. Imagine "learning" 18 new dances in ten 50 minute classes each day with a 10 minute break between lessons. Definitely a mental and physical challenge. We wanted to get our money's worth, so we attended every session. Now the challenge is to follow up with the DVD's we purchased so we can actually dance. The instructors were top-notch and we highly recommend this program. We may go back next year.

We'll definitely go the the Palladium whenever we visit Honolulu. We'll be in town from July 20 - August 5, taking my mother on an inter-island cruise during the last week of July.

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