Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hee Hing

The classes of '61, '60 and '59 were guests of Headmaster Val Iwashita for lunch at Hee Hing. The classes of '59 and '60 were being honored for their record-setting donation to the school in their 50th reunion years. We were invited to inspire us to break their records.

Reunion chairmen Mike Sen '59 and Steve Kondo '60 gave short presentations on their 50th reunion activities. Headmaster Val Iwashita gave the vision for the school. He was in Japan at the time of the earthquake and tsunami and recounted his experience.

I won't try to list all who were there because I'm sure to miss someone. However, I think I may have gotten everyone's picture. See the slideshow in the right sidebar and click to see it full screen.

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