Thursday, September 12, 2013

No AC.....No fans.....before global warming!!!!

Via Lincoln Tokumoto and Ken Lee

Lincoln:  Thanks for sending the photo.  It really brought back memories of our youth & of the Class of 1961 having Lunch at the Cafeteria.
In the photo, I'm sitting on the table on the left & I'm looking at the camera & waving.  Gary Shigemura is sitting across from me.  On the
bottom of the photo, from left, looks like Mark Hayashi(???), Wayne Takemoto, James Leong, Howard Lee, Canuto Tacderan, Lincoln
Tokumoto, James Miyashiro, Roger Nishimura who is next to the Headmaster Burton M., Norman Tyau on the left on the Headmaster,
and Alan Matsuura. On my table, facing the camera, looks like Mike Tanaka, and Roland Otake.  I'm forwarding your photo to our class-
mates to share in one of our youthful days at Iolani, for that one second it was caught on camera.  Lincoln, again, thanks for sharing your photo.

Ken Lee

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