Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Milton and Maddie Oshiro stepped up for the second year in a row to organize an  Iolani Class of ’61 presence at Diamond Head Theatre’s production of Cabaret on Sunday Oct 6, 2013.

The show itself was outstanding . However, an entertaining show in itself was watching the all female band and the musical director '61 classmate Emmett Yoshioka dressed in drag conducting the band like a field commander ....keeping the show moving with the music....conducting with his right hand and simultaneously playing on the keyboard with his left hand.. Throughout the performance Emmett also played the sax, flute and clarinet. Judy Yoshioka also performed with the band. 

Attending were Ken and Jennifer Lee, Morris and Lorna Lai, Warren and Anita Ho, Steve and Ginny Sato, Mike and Lorrie Chun, Steve and Kathy Takaki, Ken and Lynn Nakasone, Bob Mumper and Becky Rosenberg, Jim and Sue Miyashiro, Milt and Maddie Oshiro and Cliff Uejio. 

The group gathered at Happy Day on Waialae Avenue  afterwards for  fabulous Chinese cuisine, conversation and fellowship. 

Sitting: Lynn Nakasone, Mo Lai, Lorna Lai
Standing: Ken Nakasome, Warren Ho Lorrie Chun, Mike Chun, Bob Mumper, Becky Rosenberg

1st row: Lorrie Chun, Steve Takaki, Kathy Takaki, Maddie Oshiro, Sue Miyashiro, Judy Yoshioka
2d row: Warrren Ho, Jim Miyashiro, Emmett Yoshioka, Milton Oshiro, Bob Mumper, Ken Lee, Jennifer Lee

Front: Anita Ho, Clifford Uejio, Steve Sato, Ginny Sato
Back: Emmett Yoshioka, Judy Yoshioka, Warren Ho

Sitting: Steve Takaki, Kathy Takaki, Maddie Oshiro, Sue Miyashiro, Jennifer Lee
Standing: Lorrie Chun, Warren Ho, Jim Miyashiro, Milton Oshiro, Bob Mumper, Ken Lee

Emmett Yoshioka  participating in a question and answer session at the end of the performance

Judy Yoshioka

Judy and Emmett Yoshioka

All photos except for the last  are via Mike Chun.

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