Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

I was jogging/shuffling along the Ala Wai Canal not too long ago and a young pre-schooler supervised by her mother was throwing pieces of bread into the water to feed the talapia. About 50 talapia would converge on the bread in a semi- frenzy.

However, watching it from the bank was a Hawaiian waterbird with stilt legs and a long beak. I've never seen this type of bird here before along the canal and suspected that it was from the zoo located about a quarter of a mile away.

When the fish converged on the bread, the waterbird swooped in and grabbed one of them. It then dropped the talapia on the bank (it was low tide) and attempted to eat it. The fish started flopping frantically. After a moment, the waterbird abandoned it and went to hunt for another one. The kid was still throwing bread as the waterbird seized another fish and flew away.

Meanwhile the fish on the bank continued to flop around and since the waterbird was nowhere in sight, I climbed down the side of the canal onto the bank and threw the fish back into the water.

I've never seen one happier fish. It swam with all cylinders pumping and with fins flapping and sped away. Definitely a happy fish with a new lease of life. I felt pretty good about myself as I continued on with my shuffle.

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