Thursday, October 29, 2009

Videos Links from Willows

I edited and uploaded four videos taken while we were updating Mr. Taylor on what we were doing presently.  YouTube limits videos to 10 minutes so I had to edit what I had and separate them into four separate videos.  Here are the links:


There's a lot of background noise, but that is because we were next to the pond and the waterfall.  The pictures aren't the best because of the lighting.  In case anyone is interested, I was using the video function of a Canon Power Shot SD780 IS, not a camcorder.

I usually take a camcorder and a digital camera on our trips, but the video function on this camera is good enough that I'm planning to leave my camcorder at home on our next trip, a cruise down the Amazon.  We start in Manaus, Brazil, and cruise the Amazon and the Atlantic to Buenos Aires, with stops in Rio and Montevideo.

Stay tuned, I'll work on the still images next.


molai said...

Mike, mahalo for taking those videos. Quite impressive for such a little camera. How many minutes can you take without having to change the memory card?


Mike Chun said...

Depending on the resolution, I can record anywhere from about 40 min to almost 5 hours on a 8 GB card. We were recording in HD so we had pretty close to the max on the card.