Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinner with Reed Taylor at the Willows

We had dinner on Sunday with Reed Taylor at the Willows.  Attending were: Mr. Taylor, Mo, Campbell, Mumper, Ken & Jennifer Lee, Tom Teruya, Clifford Uejio (must have left early..not in picture), Emmett & Judy Yoshioka, Tsuda, Mike Chun, Milton, Steve Takaki, Jimmy Miyashiro and Warren Ho.

We each gave a short update on our lives since we last saw Mr. Taylor.  I have videos taken with my regular camera (not a video camera) which I need to edit before I upload them.  I'll edit this post when the videos are uploaded.  They're not the best quality, but good considering the camera.

I also need to edit and upload some other images which I will upload to Picasa so you can see them.  I'll also publish a post when that is done.

Ken & Jennifer Lee paid for the dinner.  Everyone else contributed the cost of their dinner to the class treasury.  Mo found a $25 coupon on the internet and then when it came time to pay, we also got a senior discount.  Thanks to Ken & Jennifer.

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