Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodwill Dance

Lorrie and I attended a Goodwill Dance at the Pacific Beach Hotel this past Saturday. There was supposed to be a contingent of ballroom dancers from Japan. Unfortunatedly, the tour was cancelled because of the Swine flu scare. In the end, only nine showed up from Japan.

Mike Uechi performed a waltz with one of the visitors from Japan. Stephanie Uechi '95 performed a Foxtrot with her partner, Tommy Nakamura. Both Mike and Stephanie are outstanding dancers and their performances showed it.

Iolani was well represented. The master of ceremonies was Chris Jay '55. Stephanie's dance teacher from Iolani, Cyrenne Okimura, and her husband were at our table. In case you don't recognize everyone, Trudy is in both pictures; Shawn Ching, Stephanie's boyfriend, is in the upper picture; and Cyrenne is in the lower picture.

It really was a fun evening. There was a live dance band from Japan playing for much of the evening. For the uninitiated, having a good live ballroom dance band is a rarity in Hawaii.

We look forward to next year's dance and hope there will be more dancers from Japan next time.

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