Monday, June 15, 2009

Mumper here!

Sitting on my butt here with a sore back. Starting to climb the walls. I haven't jogged in four days. I tweaked my back walking my dog. I usually carry a #6 or #9 (depending how you look it) golf club to putt dog poop off the medial strip on Kainui Drive where I walk my dog. I fake a golfer's stance and putt poop into the street where the cars coming by could carry off the turds in their tires.

I guess that my stance wasn't firm enough and my dog yanked me as I was swinging the club screwing up my back. I'm walking around like an old man and I feel like an old man even though the 60's is supposed to be the new 50's.

I quit 7-a-side coed soccer a month ago (over- 50 men and over- 40 women) because every game was an injury waiting to happen and it took several days to recover from the soreness and stiffness resulting from playing with my team, the Chilipeppahs.

They say that "you don't stop playing because you get get old because you stop playing". Well I'm thinking "bull cookies" or "bulsh" as one of our favorite math teachers, Mr. Robert Burdick, would frequently remark in class.

Anyway, hope to be back to jogging/shuffling in a couple of days. Watch out golfers! I don't know how you do it. That sport has got to be keeping a lot of orthopedic guys and chiropractors in business.

I guess that's good for the economy looking at the situation from a different point of view. Ruth Otake of Shiatsu Specialists of Nuuanu .......can you set me up for a session this Wednesday?

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