Monday, June 1, 2009

Mumper here!

My wife and I joined a group of parents at the Maple Garden across from Stadium Park last night after the boy's Baccalaureate Service at Central Union Church . Definitely a great buffet.....poor self control exhibited by Mumper here except that I didn't go back to the buffet table for thirds. I'm going to have to do better than that at the " A Touch of Iolani" alumni event in August.

Felt like a slug today. I decided to combine jogging and community service by picking up litter along a one and one quarter mile stretch of Mokapu Blvd near my home. My route takes me over the saddle road where one can get a heart beat no matter how slow one is moving. I figure that I'm moving so slowly that I might as well be picking up litter with my Gopher Reach and Pick Up tool available at the AS SEEN ON TV store at Ward Warehouse. It also gives me a motivational purpose when I otherwise wouldn't feel like exercising.

Somebody must have tossed a newly opened pack of cigarettes out of his/her car. Cigarettes were scattered on the road. Somebody must be trying to quit. Way to Go!

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molai said...

Had a somewhat similar experience in Taipei, where a full breakfast was included everyday. Hard to resist given the good food and the fact that it was in a good hotel, so all the food was supposedly safe to eat including the raw stuff.